Why More People Are Taking To Whale Watching In Hervey Bay

In this age of technology and information, there are so many reasons as to why more and more people are taking an interest in animals, the environment and the entire planet itself. The devastating havoc that the effects of climate change are wreaking on our earthly home is apparent to all. This is more than visible in the oceans of the world. This piece explains why more people are taking a serious interest in whale watching and what are the best whale watching boats in Hervey Bay!

Cool Fun

Come to think of it, watching whales is actually a lot of fun. It is one of the most fun activities that anyone can engage in and this is because of some obvious reasons. One is that the whale is one of the largest animals in the world and watching such a huge mass glide across the waters with all majesty and grace is something very few humans can afford to ignore.

Another reason is that these whales are harmless in the sense that they do not prey on humans. Many whales actually feed on plankton and other small sea organisms that they filter through their huge mouths. For some other people, it is also an excellent opportunity to get some of the coolest photograph shots – and of course, lots of selfies too!

Study and Research

Apart from the reason above which is connected to sheer pleasure, some other people taking to whale watching in Hervey Bay are really doing so for entirely different and charitable causes. They are the marine biologists, researchers, oceanographers and other scientists who actually have to observe the whales in the bay not because they want to take some cool selfies but because they are trying to understand the whales. They are also trying to understand a whole lot of other things such as the various impacts of the environment on these massive creatures. Anyone with sufficient curiosity in his or her mind can become a scientist devoted to the study of whales and other gigantic marine animals.

Care For The Environment

Another group of people found among the observers of whales at Hervey Bay are neither there for pleasure nor for learning about the complex feeding or migration patterns of the whales. This group of people, doing their whale watching because of another reason – their deeply-held care and concern that they have for the environment.

Most of the time, these people work with non-governmental organisations while some others work as volunteer groups or even as individuals. The good thing about them is that their whale watching is very productive as it is often credited for saving the lives of the whales especially when the whales might get stuck on the beach and become helpless.

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