Things to do in Hervey Bay

Whale watching Hervey Bay is one of the most interesting tourist attraction sites in the Fraser Coast region of Queensland in Australia. This natural bay is safe for you to participate in water sports any time of the year. If you love watching whales, plan your tour from July to November as whales migrate to the bay’s safe waters to rear their calves.

Whale watching Hervey Bay would not be interesting if there were no other things to do there. Your stay will be made memorable as there are other things to keep you busy. Here are some of the things you should know before you pack your bags and tour the bay:

Where to Stay

Are you planning to tour the Hervey Bay and wondering where to spend your resting time? There are a number of hotels, guest houses and other accommodation places to make your stay comfortable. The accommodation places vary from high rated to cheap places to cater for all classes of tourists.

You do not have to tour the bay searching for accommodation and refreshment places. The hotel locations and their prices are availed online for you to shop easily. During the high seasons, book a hotel earlier and pay online to secure your place and avoid the rush hour.

Other Places to Tour

A tour is considered successful if the major goal is met, it would be more exciting to enjoy other things besides. At whale watching Hervey Bay you will be lost for choices as there are other interesting places to visit. Visit the historical museums and enjoy shopping in its exhibitions and tasting barbecues.

During whale watching Hervey bay, you will get to tour the largest sand island in the world. Enjoy walking in the sand as you tour the various beaches on the island. Get a permit to tour the national park and remember it is a rain forest where 4 wheel drive and an umbrella will do you good.

When to Go

Are you planning to tour the whale watching Hervey bay soon? The best time to tour is during the winters when the whales migrate to the bay. Purpose to attend Hervey bay celebrations planned to celebrate the arrival of these mammals. You will not miss the fun if you plan your tour through the whale watching operators as they are well informed.

The Hervey bay winter season is between July and November. You will find many people touring the region during this period and causing a rush. With technology advancement, you can book a whale tour operator company in advance to secure your space. The prices also tend to go up as the season approaches. 


The whale watching Hervey Bay will give you and your family a holiday getaway worth your investment. Enjoy watching the whales, fishing, snorkeling, and swimming, among many other water sports. Touring the bay through a popular whale watching operator will make your tour well planned and less straining.

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