Best Things To Do In New Zealand

There are so many things to do in New Zealand, the biggest challenge of them all is knowing which one you would try first, especially if you have little time on your hand to squeeze all these activities.

There are many activities in New Zealand that will not only provide you enjoyment but thrills, utmost excitement and unforgettable experience.


Embrace not only the excitement as you are up high, but also a great view to witness if you above there. This you can do either solo or with a tandem. This is definitely a heart stopping experience that you should never miss out in New Zealand. There are many various locations to try this out, Bay of Plenty, Auckland, Lake Taupo, Queenstown and Wanaka.


New Zealand is a home for bungy jumping destinations, visiting the place for this activity will never disappoint you at all. There are many sites to visit, Nevis or Kawarau Bungy site (both sites in Queenstown), if you want a jump that is far from the usual, you can go to Taupo Bungy on Waikato River or Auckland Harbour Bridge.

Jet boating

Challenge the power of water in spectacular rivers in New Zealand. You can go to any Queenstown’s spectacular rivers or in Lake Taupo.


New Zealand owns the most spectacular and challenging caving systems and schemes in the world. They are definitely a spelunker’s dream destination. Float or walk through the marvellous Waitomo caves or you can enjoy conducted trips underground in Nelson.

Zip lining

Get your way past the spectacular harbour views of Walheke Island or you can try this wild experience in the beautiful Rotorua. You can also hype up the adventure two notches higher by combining your zip lining adventure with glow worms and river tubing on the West Coast. This indeed is a perfect mix of speed, nature and adrenaline.


Slide down the rocks, leap off the waterfalls, abseil, jump, climb, scramble, canyoing indeed is one of the wildest adventures you can try out in New Zealand. This wild experience can is located in remote mountain areas in Wanaka, Canterbury, Nelson, Coromandel and Auckland.

Off road driving

Make sure that you hold on tight and buckle up as you head out and try the off road adventure in New Zealand. It is so wild that it can put you to the greatest adventure of your life. Try it on the back country tracks and roads or in the sandy dunes of the well-known Ninety Mile Beach.

The above mentioned activities are just few of the many extreme activities to do in New Zealand. If you want experience to the extreme, New Zealand it is!