There is a number of things you can in Auckland without having to travel away from its centre. In this city, you will find climbing volcanic cones, swimming beaches, and a number of parks from where you can enjoy. Realizing the availability of these things you will definitely have to spend more nights in this city. It is time to make a visit to this city and explore the available things. They have a good transport network starting from the ferry terminal up to the bus network. As a result, here are the main things that you can do in Auckland.

Having a Walk from One Coast to Another

Having a walk through the coasts of Auckland gives the visitor a chance of seeing the best of its central part. This walk will expose you to a number of parks and the volcanic cones such as Mt Eden Volcanic cone and One Tree Hill Volcanic cone. In turn, this walk will give you a perfect of this city.

You will get Educated in this City

At Auckland, you are in a position of getting educated at their museum. If you are a non-citizen you will be required to pay New Zealand money worth 25 US dollars to enter the Auckland museum. However, if you are a citizen, no payment is needed. This museum will expose to a number of interactive exhibitions like the exhibition of the shaky volcano. Furthermore, this museum will give you a chance of learning more things about New Zealand.

Backpacker Tour

Another thing you can do in this city is having a free backpacker tour. In this tour, you will be in a position of realizing the best places for eating and partying. You will get to know the top sights that you can pay a visit, and the kind of events to hold in this place. Thus, the tour will expose you to a number of things that will make you love it more.

A Free Movie

At the Auckland Park, you will have a chance of watching a free movie in the summer period. This is normally displayed on Fridays or Saturdays during summer time. Moreover, you will have a chance of enjoying the community environment of Auckland in addition to browsing their food stalls and the night market.

Auckland Art Gallery

Finally, at Auckland, you will have a big chance of culturing yourself by going to their art gallery. For the case of general admission, no charges are incurred. However, you have to incur charges for some exhibitions. This art gallery is situated at Albert Park. It is the best place to have a visit while in Auckland.