Boat Hire in Sydney

A lot of fun and adventure could be experienced not only on land but also on the water. The activity in an open sea becomes more fruitful and rewarding when guests or visitors are able to personally enjoy the ride and at the same time closely watch every amazing view the ocean has to offer.

All these expectations become a reality when your friends or family organise a boat for hire services in Sydney. Different types of vessels could be rented or chartered depending on the purpose or the occasion to be celebrated.

Before you get excited, plan your itinerary and the worthwhile activities during your stay or vacation in Sydney. To help you decide what to do first, check on the following recommendations to get the most out of it.

Island Hopping

Sydney’s location is along a coastline which offers a lot of breathtaking views even when you are across a coffee shop or a restaurant. Contentment is something that pushes people to do more or have more aside from where they’re looking at or from where they are standing. Since a lot of smaller islands are nearby, hiring a boat to visit each of the island resorts will be part of anybody’s bucket list.

Food or game fishing

Typical fishing is done by the seaside, or a structure mounted or constructed just above shallow or knee-deep waters. In this case, the catch could be limited, and fishing enthusiasts will never be contented of their experience. Hiring a boat to go ashore comes with a guide who knows exactly the perfect spot for fishing. Their suggestions or recommendations on where to go is based on the same experience that their previous clients have. Catching a bass or a trout along the way will mark an achievement that is not only remarkable but also rewarding.


The riches of the marine life along the shore is entirely different from what’s in store from the shallow waters of nearby islets. It’s only with hiring a boat that you will have a lot of options on where to go and what to do with the time you want to spend while around the vast ocean waters. The farther you get and the deeper you swim, the better, if not the best experience that you will get out of your expectations in life.

Whale or dolphin watching

It’s a once in a lifetime experience when you are in a chartered boat watching these fantastic creatures play and show their skills in front of an audience. At times, whales would spit water from behind their backs like a fountain you ordinarily watch in a theme park. The sights and sounds from these lovely and stunning sea animals will fill your eyes and ears with wonder that is beyond your wildest dreams.

Dating with your ideal man or woman

If you have been thinking from time to time about the most romantic way of expressing your love or the perfect spot for a marriage proposal, then don’t wonder anymore. The answer is right in front of you. Imagine two lovers holding their hands while watching the sunset onboard a chartered boat. Let the experience do the rest of the talking. All you have to do is to look closely in the eyes and let each heartbeat fill your affection for each other.

Marlin Fishing

The main purpose of the Australian marlin charters is to make your water exploration or fishing experience trouble-free and the professional one. The characteristic feature with these charters is that they are the under skilled crews who always work towards delivering quality services. With them, you’re promised of a trouble-free fishing experience unlike for the case where you encounter common obstacles in other water bodies.

As a result of the number of personal preferences, you will always find a significant percentage riding the boats to engage in fishing or other water activities. However, there exist many reasons why you need to consider the services of the Australian marlin charters. These are explained as follows:


The most common thing you’re going to be assured with the Australian marlin charters is safety. All this is because this charter knows the right way around the waters. There are chances that you may not familiar with the possible obstacles in the water bodies, and therefore, you may consider it proper to opt to crews who have mastered the sea clearly due to frequent exposure. Thus, with these crews, you’re promised of your safety, and the good thing is that these hands are licensed.

It is true that no any kind of satisfaction can be compared to worry you’ll have while catching the fish and spending some time to control the boat simultaneously. To avoid this situation, you need to seek the services of the skilled Cairns marlin charters.

Explicit knowledge on where to find fish

With the Australian marlin charters, you rest assured that you can’t go back home without a fish. All this is because that they are highly trained and they know the best spots where you can catch a big fish. If you opt to fish for yourself, there are chances that you may end spending the whole day even without finding a single fish.  Therefore, you should always to get the most experienced marlin charter which can make the entire process easy.

If you’re that individual who’s fishing for the first time, then you have no option other looking for the expertise in this field. Through the marine crew, you’ll get to learn how to make the process possible within the shortest possible time. By investing in the most famous sea crew, you’ll not have any doubt of failing to catch a fish.

They take care of you

Hiring the Australian charters will easy every fishing process. With this charter, you have a firm assurance that your needs are cared of. Through the Australian charters, you will have a great experience in the sea. You even become more relaxed while knowing you’re on the safe hands of a highly skilled crew.

Why More People Are Taking To Whale Watching In Hervey Bay

In this age of technology and information, there are so many reasons as to why more and more people are taking an interest in animals, the environment and the entire planet itself. The devastating havoc that the effects of climate change are wreaking on our earthly home is apparent to all. This is more than visible in the oceans of the world. This piece explains why more people are taking a serious interest in whale watching and what are the best whale watching boats in Hervey Bay!

Cool Fun

Come to think of it, watching whales is actually a lot of fun. It is one of the most fun activities that anyone can engage in and this is because of some obvious reasons. One is that the whale is one of the largest animals in the world and watching such a huge mass glide across the waters with all majesty and grace is something very few humans can afford to ignore.

Another reason is that these whales are harmless in the sense that they do not prey on humans. Many whales actually feed on plankton and other small sea organisms that they filter through their huge mouths. For some other people, it is also an excellent opportunity to get some of the coolest photograph shots – and of course, lots of selfies too!

Study and Research

Apart from the reason above which is connected to sheer pleasure, some other people taking to whale watching in Hervey Bay are really doing so for entirely different and charitable causes. They are the marine biologists, researchers, oceanographers and other scientists who actually have to observe the whales in the bay not because they want to take some cool selfies but because they are trying to understand the whales. They are also trying to understand a whole lot of other things such as the various impacts of the environment on these massive creatures. Anyone with sufficient curiosity in his or her mind can become a scientist devoted to the study of whales and other gigantic marine animals.

Care For The Environment

Another group of people found among the observers of whales at Hervey Bay are neither there for pleasure nor for learning about the complex feeding or migration patterns of the whales. This group of people, doing their whale watching because of another reason – their deeply-held care and concern that they have for the environment.

Most of the time, these people work with non-governmental organisations while some others work as volunteer groups or even as individuals. The good thing about them is that their whale watching is very productive as it is often credited for saving the lives of the whales especially when the whales might get stuck on the beach and become helpless.

Things to do in Hervey Bay

Whale watching Hervey Bay is one of the most interesting tourist attraction sites in the Fraser Coast region of Queensland in Australia. This natural bay is safe for you to participate in water sports any time of the year. If you love watching whales, plan your tour from July to November as whales migrate to the bay’s safe waters to rear their calves.

Whale watching Hervey Bay would not be interesting if there were no other things to do there. Your stay will be made memorable as there are other things to keep you busy. Here are some of the things you should know before you pack your bags and tour the bay:

Where to Stay

Are you planning to tour the Hervey Bay and wondering where to spend your resting time? There are a number of hotels, guest houses and other accommodation places to make your stay comfortable. The accommodation places vary from high rated to cheap places to cater for all classes of tourists.

You do not have to tour the bay searching for accommodation and refreshment places. The hotel locations and their prices are availed online for you to shop easily. During the high seasons, book a hotel earlier and pay online to secure your place and avoid the rush hour.

Other Places to Tour

A tour is considered successful if the major goal is met, it would be more exciting to enjoy other things besides. At whale watching Hervey Bay you will be lost for choices as there are other interesting places to visit. Visit the historical museums and enjoy shopping in its exhibitions and tasting barbecues.

During whale watching Hervey bay, you will get to tour the largest sand island in the world. Enjoy walking in the sand as you tour the various beaches on the island. Get a permit to tour the national park and remember it is a rain forest where 4 wheel drive and an umbrella will do you good.

When to Go

Are you planning to tour the whale watching Hervey bay soon? The best time to tour is during the winters when the whales migrate to the bay. Purpose to attend Hervey bay celebrations planned to celebrate the arrival of these mammals. You will not miss the fun if you plan your tour through the whale watching operators as they are well informed.

The Hervey bay winter season is between July and November. You will find many people touring the region during this period and causing a rush. With technology advancement, you can book a whale tour operator company in advance to secure your space. The prices also tend to go up as the season approaches. 


The whale watching Hervey Bay will give you and your family a holiday getaway worth your investment. Enjoy watching the whales, fishing, snorkeling, and swimming, among many other water sports. Touring the bay through a popular whale watching operator will make your tour well planned and less straining.

For more information about Whale Watching in Hervey Bay visit:

Luxury Wedding Cars

How to choose the right wedding car

If you haven’t much idea regarding cars, choosing the right car for your wedding can be tough. The car should be such that it makes an impression and adds to your wedding. Plus it should also be able to hold that voluminous wedding dress and allow you to be comfortable at the same time.

Some basic stuff to keep in mind when hiring a luxury wedding car

  • Calculate the number of people who would be travelling with you in the wedding car. Since you have your heart set on booking a luxury wedding car, you might already considered your bride’s maids and immediate family. If you plan to travel alone with your spouse, don’t forget to get a ride for your near and dear ones as well.
  • Consider the travel distance. If the wedding itself and the reception happen to be at different places you should make sure to mention it to the car rental service.
  • Make sure to think about the wedding timings. Consider how many people would be arriving at the wedding and how many would be accompanying you o the reception.
  • Being fashionably late is kind of ok if it’s within time but do think about your guests as well. Their time is precious as well.
  • Consider the size and colour of the car. It should complement the theme of your wedding. If it’s a vintage wedding you have your heart set on then you need to choose a luxury vintage car.
  • Wedding cars need to be booked way before time. Since luxury wedding cars in high demand during the wedding season you need to make sure that you make a booking well in advance.
  • Choose a company which specialises in luxury wedding cars in Sydney. This is because you are bound to find the car which you need from here only. Next thing to consider is whether the company is reliable or not. They should make sure the car is available on the date and time that you have mentioned.
  • You can get references from people who have recently got married. They can provide you with the name of car rental services that specialise in wedding cars.
  • Good companies ensure that they check out different routes to avoid any delays due to weather or traffic jams. This would come in pretty handy, especially on your big day because you don’t want to be running late for the ceremony.
  • If you are the sort whose taste runs towards the quirky side then you might want a car like that. Unusual wedding cars are not out of question but you need to do the necessary research.
  • Keep in mind that car might appear a great deal different from its photograph. So relying on a photo only is not a good idea. If it’s possible go and visit the rental service to view a few different cars.

Things to Keep in Mind when Purchasing Custom Made Rings

Custom Engagement Rings in Sydney

If you believe that custom designed rings are only for the rich and famous you have got to think again. However, if you have already been out shopping for engagement rings and haven’t found anything which you like or is a good fit, custom engagement rings are the only option.

When embarking on your search to find the perfect custom made engagement ring, make sure t keep the following things in mind.

Choose a jeweller who specialises in designing custom engagement rigs in Sydney

This is one of the most important aspects to help you find the perfect ring. You need to ask around. Talk to your family members or friends who have recently gotten engaged. Do you like their rings? Are you impressed with the designs? Do have a talk with them and find out who their jeweller is.

If you are interested in buying a diamond ring it should come with appraisal from a certified gem institute.

Make an early start

It can usually take a month or so to get your custom ring ready. You need to make sure that the ring is ready before the big event. You need to start early because you would first have to have an initial consultation with the jeweller. They would create a sketch of the ring considering what you tell them. The sketch is then transformed into a raw mould and presented to you. When you approve of it, the gems are set in to create a custom designed ring.

A good jeweller is someone who would work with the design until you are completely satisfied with it. If you feel like it, you can ask for a revision. The final result should be a beautiful custom designed ring.

Tips on buying a diamond ring

Anyone buying a diamond has to assess the four C’s. These include cut, clarity, and colour and carat weight. A sure fire way to save on the diamond is to buy a diamond of a smaller carat. To the naked eye it’s almost impossible to know the difference but it can actually help you save a few hundred dollars.

Make sure you try on many rings of different settings

You won’t exactly know what would look good on your finger until you try a variety of rings of different sizes and designs. You can take inspiration from different rig shapes and have your jeweller design something which appeals to you and looks good on your finger as well.

If you are choosing a ring for your fiancé but would like to keep it a surprise make sure to check her closet for the kind of jewellery he prefers. Does she wear usually white gold jewellery or prefers the warmer golden tones.

No matter what kind of ring you are looking for, you can get custom engagement rings in Sydney. Just make sure you choose a jeweller who is reliable and can present you with quality craftsmanship.



Welcome to the blog Voyager sa vie. Why get travel insurance when you go on an adventure? That’s the question I’m answering in this article.

Today, at the dawn of my 30 years, if one asks me if it is essential a travel insurance, I answer certainly yes without hesitation! By cons, I must admit that it has not always been the case. When I left the end of the world at 20, say the budget portion of travel insurance was really minimal and of little importance to me. I always found another good reason to keep this money preciously. Luckily, when my mother learned about it a few days before I left, she subscribed for insurance. I understand her now, she needed to sleep on both ears …

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travel insurance

Why purchase travel insurance? My 6 reasons never to miss:

  • Can not predict the future

Unless you know the magic formula to predict exactly what will happen in your future trip, it is likely impossible to know if you will need travel insurance. Impossible to know if you will have a scooter accident, if you will contract the malaria virus or if you will have an ugly skin infection. And when we find ourselves in the depths of the Asian campaign, say that having insurance that will take care of everything if something like this happens to us, it’s more than reassuring.

  • Do not ruin yourself

In some countries, such as North America, for example, the cost of care in hospitals is simply exorbitant when you’re not a citizen and you do not have insurance. A simple broken ankle could cost you several thousand dollars in the United States. For my part, even when I go for a simple trip to New York or Boston of 2 or 3 days, I make sure to take out insurance before my departure. An accident is too fast and for the little that it costs me, I do not take luck.

  • To ensure that you can cancel in the event of unforeseen circumstances

Of course, when we book a trip, we do not think at any time that we will have to cancel it. We say it’s 100% sure that I’m leaving. On the other hand, once again we can not be certain of the events that will occur. For having seen my mother having to cancel a long-awaited trip for chemotherapy treatments, I am now more aware of the importance of having insurance that covers in this kind of case.

  • To be able to come home in case of death in the family

Imagine learning about the loss of a loved one when you’re on the other side of the world and not having the means to come home as soon as possible. For me, that’s hell! Most travel insurances include this clause and ensure the change of your plane ticket.

  • To insure your luggage in case of loss or theft

I do not wish you, but yes it happens to lose his luggage in the airports or to be stealing his belongings at the hostel. To make a short story, when the bag of Melissa did not arrive on the luggage turnstile in Iceland, say it was reassuring to know that insurance covered his travel effects. Having to re-equip for a weekend at the beach is not the end of the world, but for all the technical equipment we had for Iceland, in addition to the fact that everything is extremely expensive in the country, it really would not have been funny.

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  • To access assistance and repatriation

If you find yourself in a country where sanitary conditions and hospital services are not adequate to properly treat the health problem you have, the repatriation insurance ensures that you are brought back home as soon as possible, and this, adequately, according to your situation.

There are dozens of companies to do business with for your travel insurance. In this article, I propose the one with which I have been doing business for a few years now. In my experience, it’s with Via EscapadeI received the best service at the lowest price. The price difference between this company and the others I’d bid on for my 4-month trip to Asia was almost $ 400. They were very responsive when I needed them in Thailand and the refund was done as soon as possible. I am writing this to you in all honesty. Lastly, do not forget to check the closing of your insurance at the time of purchase, to make sure that you are well covered for everything you believe. To make a free online quote, it’s here !


It’s a phrase I hear very often and I’m sure I’m not the only one. The trip is still often associated with a privileged class of the population, which is no longer really the case in 2017. To travel often , everything is a matter of priority and discipline.

I firmly believe that the trip is accessible to most people. If we are able to be satisfied with little luxury and our comfort is not the number one priority when traveling, there are many ways to save money. Apart from the plane ticket,

there are dozens of destinations that will make you spend less on the spot than if you stay spend your holidays in your country. Since I’ve been working full time, it’s clear that it’s even easier to raise money.

On the other hand, even during my studies, making at least one trip a year was my priority. I always arrived there despite my precarious means. It is not always easy to refrain from buying a new piece of clothing or not going to the restaurant as often as you want, but with will it is possible. We only have to remember what we can afford elsewhere in the world for the same price and envy very often at the same time.

How to travel often

Here are 3 ways that I use to allow me to travel often, around 3 to 4 times a year :

3 tips for traveling often

1. Stay in hostels

Accommodation during a trip is for the most part the biggest expense. It is therefore important for me to make sure that I save money at this level. What is the point of sleeping in a 5-star hotel? After all, we are in a country to visit and spend most of our time outside the hotel. In my opinion, it is quite possible to lower the standards that we have in our country of origin. Youth hostels or guesthouses are often very well priced and you may be surprised at the comfort they offer for a price that may seem ridiculous to us Westerners.

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Or click on the image for a discount on your first night with Airbnb! 


2. Choose your destinations according to the cost of living on the spot

As often as possible, I decide to go to destinations where the cost of living is really affordable. Especially since my favorite continent is Asia, I allow myself to go there as often as possible. Obviously, I also choose American or European destinations sometimes, but it’s mainly because of the fact that I was able to save on other trips. There are many places on the planet where you can easily get away for $ 25 a day including accommodation, food, travel and activities.

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3. Traveling on your own

From the moment you decide to do business with a travel agency, do you say that you pay more. Obviously, the company must survive and it does not offer its services for nothing. So, no need to do business with them. We find everything on the internet now. Whether on blogs, forums or sites like Le Routard or Lonely Planet, you will have all the information you need to organize your own journey. Just be resourceful and have a taste of adventure. Moreover, by traveling on your own, you are not confined to a specific schedule and route. You are free to do what you want to do when you want to do it. If you like a place, you have the possibility of extending your stay or on the contrary, to cut it short if the city does not please you. For my part, I always opt for the travel guides Lonely Planet or Ulysses that I bring with me on the spot. They are a small gold mine and are always very useful.